Services > Fibre Optic Cabling

FOTS specialise in the design, installation, maintenance, testing and repair of Multimode, Singlemode and direct termination fibre optic cabling systems throughout the UK. We have installed and maintained networks in and around offices, between buildings and within telecoms rooms and data centres. We offer a fault finding service and fibre optic health checks.

Fibre optics are installed to achieve high transmission rates over longer distances forming the main arteries of the network.

We design and install solutions for the following:

  • Fibre backbones
  • Inter-building fibres
  • Fibre to the desk
  • Campus fibre network

Other services include:

  • Multimode and Singlemode fibre installation
  • Multimode and Singlemode fibre termination (fusion splice, mechanical, wet termination)
  • Fibre health checks
  • Fault finding
  • OTDR/DB/Programmable scanner testing
  • Full and detailed test results
  • Trade “termination only” service available
  • Pre-terminated fibre optic cable to required length and specification

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Termination

FOTS have a number of years’ experience working in BT, O2, Telefonica & Orange switch rooms installing fibre optic cables from panels to ODF following instructions from the Clerk of Works.


All cables are tested to ensure that there is minimum db loss and tests conform to TIA test standards.  Breakages can be identified using an Optical Time Domain Reflector (OTDR). Test results will be submitted to clients on completion in either a Fluke LinkWare or PDF format.

Cabling Health Checks

From time to time poor maintenance of fibre links and the removal of dust caps allow dust ingress to impede the overall performance of the link.  FOTS can provide a scope inspection and cleaning service of all optical links in order to restore and improve connections.

Fibre Optic Termination Methods

We are able to provide the following methods of termination:

  • Fusion splicing
  • Cold cure direct termination

FOTS preferred choice of fusion splicing equipment is the Fujikura and Sumitomo ranges.

Fibre Optic Relocation & Repair Service

Fibre optic cables can be relocated as infrastructure changes take place.  We can also offer a fibre optic repair service should your cables get accidentally damaged. In addition to this, we can inspect, clean and test all forms of optical cabling systems.

Whilst we are able to provide you with a complete fibre optic solution, FOTS contractors can also be outsourced to assist your engineers.

A 25 year manufacturer’s backed warranty will be offered on all complete fibre optic solutions.